Whole You! Food & Lifestyle

“If you don’t take care of yourself, where will you live?”

Whole You! is a lifestyle program developed by Katherine Conte, founder of focus yoga. The intent behind Whole You! is simple: Oftentimes small changes in diet and lifestyle are the missing link to restoring health and vitality. Together we will look at your unique condition in relation to goals, habits, and seasons to better understand how to improve or restore your experience of living as an aware and vital being.


Whole You! Consultation

A WholeYou! consultation is an opportunity to focus on you. We will take a comprehensive look at your present condition ie. your health, your energy level, your habits…and together map out a unique plan that will suit your lifestyle and personal goals. The consultation offers deep listening related to your health and intentions, visual diagnosis, and an in-depth understanding of  food as a principle component to wellbeing.

The services offered in a Whole You! consultation are educational in nature and are based on the practices of Traditional World Medicine and contemporary scientific research. You will leave the consultation with recommendations that will include a whole-foods based diet plan and suggestions for key lifestyle practices. You might also receive instruction for simple at-home yoga and breathing practices, and self-care remedies. As part of your consultation you will receive a Getting Started packet which outlines basic cooking techniques and recipes, tips for preparing your kitchen, and a list for shopping the Whole You! way. To set up a private consultation please contact Katherine at info@focusyoga.com or call 401.354.9112

Whole You! Consultation, $125 / 90 minutes
Whole You! PACKAGE, $300 / Initial consultation (90 minutes) plus 3, 45 minutes follow-through sessions (series must be used within 1 year)

The Yoga of Eating: 30 Day Lifestyle Program

Next 4 week sessions: TBA
Innerlight, Middletown
Personal consultation is available by appointment

A big part of taking care of your body is knowing what you’re putting into it. The quality of what you eat greatly determines the quality of energy you have available to live your life. This program focuses on the daily habits that make up a lifetime of health. You will be introduced to a very wide perspective on nutrition that is not fad or trend based. We will create the framework that will help you to understand how to evaluate what to eat based on you individual needs and goals, season, & the energetics of food. The program finishes off with an optional 4-day, natural, non-supplement-based “cleanse” that enhances your body’s own detox abilities. Come with a willingness to discover habits that might be an obstacle to your health and well being. This program is available for personal groups or workplaces.

The Healing Diet

The healing plan is for those who are in a health crisis such as treatment for cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders, diabetes. This one-on-one consultation will include specific direction for starting and maintaining a healing diet. Additional support such as personal instruction on cooking for healing, kitchen set up, and shopping services are also available. We will work with the family/caregivers and in the home to accommodate needs. Contact Katherine directly at 401.354.9112

1.5 hr initial consultation, 1.5 hr / $125
Follow Through Session, 1 hr /$80