“The ideal for this new world of integrative medicine should be broad enough to include the full range of yoga philosophy, practice, and experience, integrating the subtle wisdom of yoga with specific knowledge from the scientific domains.” – Michael Cohen, Harvard Medical School



Yoga Therapy Privates: Invaluable one-on-one opportunity to address your specific needs &  interests. Students with chronic health issues or anxiety, or students with injuries or recovering from surgery often seek yoga therapy. Katherine works with your questions and designs a program that is appropriate for you and specific to your inquiry. If suitable, we will address the energetic pathways of the body and use a combination of yoga poses, somatic movement, breath techniques, and acupressure to address imbalances or concerns.

Yoga Therapy session: $85 / 60 minutes, in studio, or $125/ on site
$125/90 minutes

Overcome Anxiety, 4-part private series
Overcome Anxiety is being offered as a series of one-on-one sessions. The sessions will be tailored to you and your specific needs and inquiries.

Here’s some of what you can expect in the 4 week sessions:

° Easy to follow information explaining the physiology of anxiety and how you can use your brain and nervous system to override the anxiety response.
° The role of breathing in anxiety and some unusual breath techniques to create calm.
° Evaluation of your specific breath pattern alongside tailored breath coaching.
° Somatic Yoga to release chronic tension patterns specific to your unique postural and movement habits.
° The role and neurophysiology of triggers, how they might be operating in your life.
° A look at the role of food and how what you eat influences you energetically.
° Weekly take home practice and many self-regulating techniques.
° Most importantly, time for you to be heard and the opportunity to understand yourself in a safe, non-judgmental setting

$380 /4,  75-90 minute sessions


Whole You! Privates: The services offered in a Whole You! consultation are based on Traditional World Medicine (mostly plant-based) and contemporary scientific research. You will leave the consultation with recommendations that will include a whole-foods eating plan and suggestions for key lifestyle practices. You might also receive instruction for simple at-home yoga and breathing practices. These services are very informative and include take home materials. Please see Whole You! for more information.

Whole You! Consultation, $125 / 90 minutes
Whole You! Follow Up Session $85/ 60 minutes


Spiritual Guidance In these sessions, we will look at your wellbeing from the place of Soul. Sometimes we need someone to listen and to share the inner workings of our deepest self. Spiritual Guidance is the art of companioning another on the spiritual journey. To seek to live in alignment with path and soul can be challenging, exhilarating, sometimes even heart-wrenching. As a spiritual guide, Katherine listens carefully, asks lots of questions, points out things she notices and supports the spiritual unfolding of her clients.  Your one-on-one guided session might include attending to dreams, personal prayer, meditation  image making, or other spiritual exercises that support personal healing and transformation and that respond to your innermost needs and unique calling.

Spiritual Guidance, $85 / 1 hr session  (monthly sessions are recommended)

To schedule your private session, please contact Katherine at