Ready to get started? 

We welcome you to focus yoga. At focus we strive to make everyone feel at home and we are happy to help you find the class that suits your personal needs, goals and interests.

You don’t need to be flexible or strong to do yoga. (Though those are two great benefits of the practice.) Yoga will help you to regain your natural flexibility and improve strength so that you will move with more comfort and ease.  For many, yoga is powerful and transforming while also being a fun and playful experience. Once you get started you will love it. And you will love the way you feel.

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Look at our schedule of classes and choose a class time and day that suits your schedule. For new students, we recommend Yoga Basics, an ongoing class suited for newer students or for students who enjoy a slower paced class. If you feel a little intimidated and prefer to ease your way in, try the Intro to Yoga classes. The Intro classes will familiarize you with the foundations of breath and postures and offer lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Take these classes for as long as you want to, or until you feel ready to move on to other classes.

2) Simply show up about 10 minutes before class time. No need to call ahead or reserve classes.

3) Pick up a Get Started Pass. This is the best way to begin – 3 classes, $30. You have one month to use your Get Started Pass. We feel a time limit will help kick start your practice. Try a few classes and see what works for you. Purchase yours online, Get Started or when you come in for your first class.