focus yoga draws upon the wisdom of traditional teachings and the cutting edge of modern culture offering a wholistic approach to personal growth and well being. Katherine develops her classes around the foundational belief that breath awareness and mindful movement lead to a deeper understanding of self and a more satisfying life.


Katherine teaches these weekly classes at All That Matters in East Greenwich. Simply show up for any of the class times listed here

Katherine’s signature class is a very unique experience for students wanting to engage and understand the energetics of yoga. Expect a creative class that explores freedom of movement, themes related to season, and introduces acupressure points for many common ailments.  The focus is cultivating deep attention to self while building both inner and bodily strength.

Katherine emphasizes progressive pose building starting with somatic movement and building to dynamic expressions of poses and creative movement patterns. While attending to each student’s level of skill and need, the group classes cultivate a relaxed effort, move at a moderate pace, and–in mixed level classes–work with intermediate level poses. There will be lots of opportunity to accommodate, sweat and laugh along the way, guaranteeing a fun & challenging practice. Students are encouraged to move freely and intuitively. Deep relaxation is emphasized as a counter balance to the active elements.

Mondays, 9:30-10:45a,  (all levels/all welcome)
All That Matters, East Greenwich
Wednesdays, 9:30-10:45, (all levels/all welcome)
All That Matters, East Greenwich

NEW! Yoga for Anxiety Series
Tuesdays 10-11:00
Register directly at
Yoga for Anxiety

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