Katherine Conte

Katherine Conte, ERYT, MA

Katherine is an inspired guide to natural healing methods for overcoming physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. With 20+ years of teaching and advanced work in yoga, the therapeutic arts, religious studies, Five Element Theory, and macrobiotics, she focuses on helping people regain health, and discover and live their innate purpose in life. A master teacher of holistic health and personal development, Katherine is also a yoga instructor and practitioner of yoga therapy. She holds Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Art Therapy, and certifications from the Macrobiotics America Counseling Program and the Advanced Dream Tending Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

With one-on-one clients, Katherine’s support ranges from addressing health concerns to reconnecting with Self. A session might include art, yoga/movement, breath, food, meditation, talk on God and life’s purpose. As a yoga teacher, Katherine is known for leading strong, deep classes. Her unique Meridian Yoga class incorporates slow movement and acupressure to engage the lines of energy that circulate throughout the body.

In 2006 Katherine founded Focus Yoga (East Greenwich, RI), which she directed as well as leading wellness programs, yoga classes, and 200-hour teacher trainings.  The yoga studio was acquired by All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Centers in 2015. Today Katherine continues to lead weekly classes and the Focus Yoga Teacher Training she developed. She also offers a much loved 4-week lifestyle program Whole You!, which transforms the way participants relate to and prepare food, forever. With weekly meetings and daily contact from Katherine, students gain a wide perspective on health and nutrition in addition to anchoring new habits.

Whether she’s mentoring private clients or teaching groups, Katherine’s strength is creating a healing environment, directing people to core issues, and walking with them into the light of vibrant wellbeing. Her private practice is based in Rhode Island.